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Who We Are ?

We had established ALPRESS DESIGN, MOLD, CONSULTING company in 2003 to supply molds and press to jewelers. The time when Turkey become famous with its press technique produced jewelry, we become successful and famous with our designs and we took the attention on us. We still continue increasing the standards and the quality of the sector. We accept and emphasize the slogan of “MORE THAN MOLD”  to become different than the others in the sector and we accept the mission of making our customers to be different and successful than their rivals in the sector. We helped the producers who want to be successful and different by accepting the mission and slogan of “RIGHT ADDRESS ALPRESS”.

In a short time, we reached 33 countries with our molds and designs. With the help of our knowledge and experience we accept the mission “WE KNOW HOW” and we have reached abroad and we become an example to Turkey by starting export of know-how. By this way, we had started to set full operating systems “TURN KEY”.

Furthermore, we are creating production machines which is trend in a jewelry sector as cnc cutting machines, laser engraving and also 3D printers which is used to create casting fusion wax prototypes under the brand of IDEA. In a short time we have reached 13 countries and we are proud of our success.